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Cameron Walfoort, [06.07.21 09:05]
Interested in the world of venture capital, but don’t have the capital to venture out? We feel your pain.

For years we wanted to get in as investors with promising companies on the ground floor, so we could be a part of their growth and ride their rocket up, but the truth is, unless those companies are seeking you out directly, they’re effectively inaccessible.

Now there are investment firms you could be a part of and make a living investing — that is, if you’re an accredited investor. And that’s a high bar.

Historically, money has been more accessible the more of it you have, creating this massive financial divide we’re seeing all over the world today.

Decentralization finally has the potential to change this thanks to blockchain.

Decentralized Finance fundamentally changes user participation through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Now users all over the world are able to participate in every aspect of organizations they are invested in, with no financial barriers.

Users investing in a decentralized project, do so by buying the projects underlying token, which when utilized grants them governance rights within the project, access to the projects features, or a variety of potential use cases dependent on the project.

Along with the massive access to developing industries the global community gained through the blockchain also came the rise of malicious actors looking to capitalize on the unregulated investment space, giving way to scams and rug pulls costing investors millions.

A solution must be implemented to protect average investors without excluding them from the massive potential gains of the developing blockchain industry.

That’s where L1ght L1st comes in.

L1ghtL1st solves this problem by bridging the gap between ambitious investors and remarkable innovation.

My Vision: In search of moon shots, I scoured the web for promising tokens day and night that had legitimate utility and hadn’t been listed anywhere major yet. There are few and far between. In six months I found 1 coin on presale that folded 10x, and still has room to go. Unfortunately the vast majority of heavily marketed coins are meme coins, which are rug pulls by nature, even when not done maliciously. I thought there had to be a way to filter coins and get the same early access to innovative projects that large scale investors have, without the projects seeking me out directly. But to this day there has been no infallible way of tracking investor opinion due to excessive vote manipulation on major platforms. There was no solution. So we made one.

How Do We Do This?

L1ghtL1st uses our native token L1ght (L1) to identify outstanding projects and simultaneously filter out malicious and redundant cash grabs through a three phase process, known as an initial Harvest offer, governed exclusively by users.

The Phases-
Seeds: Promising developers submit their early projects as Seeds at the beginning of every week.
Seeds are listed Sunday-Saturday, during which time investors are encouraged to research and thoroughly audit the platform, marketing strategies, code reviews, and market validation for the listed projects. After researching each listed project investors “shine light” on the Seeds that they believe have the most promise or potential. At the end of each week, the top performing Seeds turn into Sprouts, while the the rest are dismissed.
Sprouts: Successful Seeds are passed along into our Sprout listing page and organized by how much L1ght was shined on them during their Seed phase, ensuring users see the most sought after investments first and eliminating vote manipulation. A finite amount of tokens are sold for the Sprouts at a fixed and predetermined price for 28 days, or until supply runs out. After the Sprout phase, they then move on to be Harvested for L1ght.

Harvest: Users who have acquired Sprouts may hold them for their long term value, or they can provide liquidity for our Harvest pools. This enables users on a variety of aggregation platforms to access the Sprouts in exchange for more L1ght to shine on more Seeds.

Cameron Walfoort, [06.07.21 09:05]
In doing so, users are helping the Seed projects they believe in the most build and sustain for long term growth.

How we to appeal to users of all investment levels and developers leading major projects at the same time -

New investors will find our platform to be a non-intimidating gateway to the exciting world of decentralized finance, where they will find easy access to the most promising up and coming companies on our Sprouts page with absolutely no technical knowledge and minimal research required prior to investing. Just buy from the top and hold on for dear life while you experience the rollercoaster of growing with a startup.

More confident investors will enjoy shaping the future of the crypto-sphere through utilization of our underlying token L1ght. Investors will be able to browse our Seed submission pages and “shine” L1ght on the projects they see the most promise in, then at the end of each week, top performing projects Sprout. When projects Sprout the investors who shined their L1ght on them are rewarded a small portion of the new token, and the remaining allocation is open for purchase.

Developers who list successful Seeds will enjoy massive exposure through our Sprouts page, a platform to earn fundraising, and long term liquidity across a variety of Decentralized Exchanges through our Harvest pools.

No matter what you use L1ght L1st for, you’re bound to shape the future.

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